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Toujeo® COACH—support that's individualized to each Toujeo® patient

Help your patients enroll in the Toujeo® COACH program

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Patients have talked with a Toujeo® COACH on more than 91,000 calls*

Patients may not take the first step

Coaches are clinically trained nurses who proactively reach out and start the conversation.

Patients may need support to follow their treatment plan

Coaches help reinforce your directions and encourage patients to follow the plan you set for them.

Individualized support can be helpful

Coaches offer diabetes management support through one-on-one calls, texts, and emails that are tailored based on patient needs and preferences.

Lifestyle changes can be challenging

Toujeo® COACH can help encourage patients to maintain healthy routines that can last.

*Internal metrics tracked from April 2015-July 2017.

Learn more about how Toujeo® COACH can assist your patients

COACH is a free program that provides patients with tailored support from a dedicated point of contact.

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Educational support for patients taking Toujeo®

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Getting your patients started

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Diabetes management and blood sugar control support materials

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Prior Authorization

The Sanofi Patient Connection can help your office obtain prior authorization for access to Toujeo®

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