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Your patients can take ownership of their overall diabetes management goals
My Coach provided me with knowledge and encouragement to help me with my diabetes management in between visits with my doctor.
– Bill R., Toujeo® COACH patient
Toujeo (insulin glargine injection) 300 Units/mL COACH
  • Coaches start
    the conversation
    • Shortly after enrollment, Coaches reach out to
      patients to identify and
      address their individual
      diabetes management needs
      to encourage ownership
      of their insulin management
  • Patients get
    tailored support
    • Individualized to lifestyle, Coaches’
      one-on-one calls, along with texts
      and emails, contain the tips patients
      may need, such as taking their
      insulin on time and refilling
      their prescriptions
  • Coaches, texts,
    and emails can help
    motivate patients
    • In addition to emails or texts,
      Coaches may send reminders.
      These reminders can include
      clinical, fitness, dietary, and
      lifestyle behavior change goals.
  • Encouragement
    of healthy
    routines that
    can last
    • Toujeo® COACH was
      designed to encourage
      patients to maintain
      healthy routines for
      the management of
      their diabetes
      treatment goals